There is always a pizza for you .

You might want one of the 100 pizzas on the menu or have one made especially for you, it is impossible you won’t find the right one. The ingredients?

Water, yeast, flour and all the time that is needed to create the perfect dough. Chose your favourite:


Classic pizzas for those who love tradition.

Light and crispy made with a mix of wheat flours and long leavening time.

Wholewheat for those who love strong flavours.

It has a more intense flavour because we use wholewheat flours and a long leavening time.

Dietetic for a light pizza.

A delicate and flavourful dough made from a mix of gluten free flours, still containing the same nutritional properties of the classic doughes.
It is very easy to digest and perfect for the gluten intolerant ones.