Gluten- free

Gluten- free


No gluten, no cheating…

But it still has all the taste of an excellent pizza. Thanks to the 100% gluten free dough which C’e’ o Non C’e’ offers our clients. This pizza dough is the result of many years of research in collaboration with nutrition and food experts, and with pizza lovers. The aim was to create a product which had such a good flavour and consistency that you could not tell it apart from a traditional pizza.

In order to achieve this we have developed a procedure for making the dough which, on the one hand regulates the right combination of gluten-free flours and on the other, makes sure there is not even the slightest contamination during the preparation and cooking. The result is a pizza which is slightly crispy, delicate and tasty but which is above all safe for those who are gluten intolerant. Moreover, it is always on the menu…and to try it, you don’t even need to let us know in advance.

Always without gluten what is there apart from Pizza?

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