A Taste Of Our Menu

Let our selection inspire you.


Our specialty. More than a hundred varieties of pizza to choose from: this is how we thought of them

pizzeria c'è o non c'è padova senza glutine


Margherita, Capricciosa, Quattro Stagioni, Gorgonzola and speck, Ham, Viennese, Diavola, Parmigiana...


Brie radicchio and walnuts, Asparagus and smoked bacon, Spinach gorgonzola and courgettes ...

Our Ideas

Taggiasca olives, pine nut and basil emulsion, pecorino flakes. Crispy bacon, pecorino flakes, licorice drops. ...


White pizzas, pizzas with fish, pizzas with buffalo mozzarella, gluten-free pizzas, calzones and baguettes

Homemade Dessert

Our sweet tooth. Let yourself be conquered by our homemade desserts

pizzeria c'è o non c'è padova senza glutine


Mascarpone cream, sponge fingers soaked in coffee, served dusted with bitter cocoa

Zuppa Inglese

Chocolate cream and custard, ladyfingers soaked in coffee - on request with S. Marzano liqueur


Shortcrust pastry with berry jam

Tortino al cioccolato

With soft heart. Served lukewarm. With your choice: custard and strawberries, eggnog sauce, berries, ice cream.

Beyond Pizza

pizzeria c'è o non c'è padova senza glutine

First Dishes

Penne with four cheeses. Arrabbiata. Cream and ham. Amatriciana. Spaghetti carbonara. Garlic-oil-and-chili-pepper. Porcini mushrooms fettuccine with cream, speck and rocket. Smoked salmon. ...


Mixed salads. Carrots and cherry tomatoes. Chicken strips and parmesan. Tuna and buffalo shrimp. Parmesan mushrooms and walnuts. Strawberry and salmon mushrooms. Black olives onion and tuna. Burrata and dried tomatoes. ...


Buffalo mozzarella, caprese, cold cuts, ham and melon, salmon, prawn cocktail, bresaola, rocket and parmesan ...


French Fries, Fried chicken breast slices, Ascoli olives, battered vegetables, mixed fried ...

pizzeria c'è o non c'è padova senza glutine

Gluten Free


The best part of our signature pizzas is that you can make any of them gluten-free


In addition to salads and appetizers, you can order all our gluten-free first courses


We have a wide selection of delicious gluten-free beers

Tortino al cioccolato

Panna cotta and crème caramel

Mascarpone Cream

Ice-cream and Sorbet

Truffle and Semifreddo