pizzeria c'è o non c'è


Signature Pizza & Gluten Free Pizza

Your Favorite Pizzeria in Padua

C'è o non C'è

There is (C’è) a cozy place with the style of an ancient attic of wonders.

There is no (non C’è) better way to treat yourself to an evening with friends or a table for two.

There is certainly your pizza among the more than 100 on our menu.

There is no gluten, if you wish.

There is a punctual and courteous service.

There is not only pizza: whatever you want in the kitchen there is the dish for you.

There is little to do: like the Pizzeria C’è o non C’è… there is none

Press and hold!

We are Open!

We look forward to seeing you every evening for dinner from 7pm

Take Away!

All the quality of C’è o non C’è also on the go

Signature Pizza

Custom made for you, in a workmanlike manner

We are constantly looking for new flours, new processing and leavening techniques.
We explore regional specialties, seasonal and zerokilometer products, unusual tastes.
There is the dough you want, even gluten-free, and any filling you can imagine.
There is no limit to your choice.

Classic Dough

Water, yeast, flour and all the time it takes to have a perfect dough.

For lovers of tradition
pizzeria c'è o non c'è padova senza glutine

Whole Wheat Dough

Thin and crunchy, light and crumbly. Produced with a mixture of high-quality soft wheat flours and a long leavening.

For those who prefer strong flavors
Dettaglio Alveolatura

Stone-Minced Wheat Flours Dough

High frame, crispy crust, soft interior, with the aroma of freshly baked bread. It is obtained with selected whole meal soft wheat flours, worked with authentic millstones, and with a double patient leavening. The milling is carried out with millstones of French flint granite stones.

For those looking for ancient fragrances
Selezione di Pizze Gourmet della Casa

Dough Of The Day

Intense and fragrant taste. Made with soft wheat flour of ancient varieties, ground with granite stones. A double leavening, long maturation times, followed with wisdom and loving professionalism, finally give magical aromas and flavors.

To discover new flavors
Primo Piano Alveolatura Pizza

Gluten Free

Dough born from long research and collaboration with experts and nutritionists. Slightly crunchy, tasty and crumbly, indistinguishable in flavor and consistency from traditional pizza. Good thanks to the mix of gluten-free flours cured and made by us; safe because it prevents any contamination in the processing and cooking phases.

Not to even think about it
There is always something to discover in an attic

A Unique Atmosphere

The magic of a place of the heart, out of time

In C’è non non C’è you will feel like entering the attic of a farmhouse. You will be welcomed by the magic of a place out of time, where ancient work tools and rare objects come back to life as furniture and decorations.